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What to Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident

Being in involved in a car accident not only ruins your day, but can also leave you shaken up, which affects how well you react. Many people even say that their minds go blank after the initial impact. While this is perfectly normal, it’s important to take certain steps immediately following the accident to ensure your safety and protect yourself against false claims. So after you take a deep breath, make sure you know these top things to do and not to do in the moments after a car accident.

Reduce the Cost of Insuring Your Teen Driver

While most parents joyfully watch their children mature, they also dread the day that their teens start driving. Teen drivers cause the majority of accidents on roadways, which means that insurance companies charge more to cover them. On average, expect to see between a 79 and 100 percent increase in insurance premiums when you add on a teen. While parents should expect premium increases when adding teens to their policy, there are ways to reduce the cost.