Flood Insurance: What You Need to Know

In the United States, floods are the most common disaster. Each year recovery costs increase, making floods a growing problem. Every state in the U.S. can experience flooding – and each has within the past 50 years. The damage caused by flooding can be devastating but flood insurance can help. Here’s what you need to know about floods and flood insurance.

Dos and Don'ts after a car accident Spickelmier Insurance

What to Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident

Being in involved in a car accident not only ruins your day, but can also leave you shaken up, which affects how well you react. Many people even say that their minds go blank after the initial impact. While this is perfectly normal, it’s important to take certain steps immediately following the accident to ensure your safety and protect yourself against false claims. So after you take a deep breath, make sure you know these top things to do and not to do in the moments after a car accident.

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance

Dealing With Insurance Needs for Your Business

If you are a business owner, it’s important to remember that accidents happen. Fire, falls, wrecks, sickness, and even death occur to individuals and businesses alike. Business insurance is a crucial part of your company’s overall financial health and stability. Regardless of how big or small your company may be, here are some things you should keep in mind when thinking about business insurance.

Event Insurance Spickelmier Insurance Company

Bringing Your Event Together with Event Insurance

With summer’s wedding season now upon us, it’s time to consider an important factor in event planning: Event Insurance. Whether you are a full-time event planner or you have a special occasion coming up that you are preparing for, event insurance is an important factor to consider. The question of whether or not event insurance is warranted is common, so we’ve put together some things to keep in mind when considering this option for your special event.

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Life Insurance

We all want to provide for and take care of our loved ones. Life insurance can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones won’t struggle financially as a result of your death. Yet, many people find themselves more confused and frustrated than reassured when they try to assess their life insurance needs. We’ve put together a list of mistakes people make with life insurance, so that you can avoid these common missteps.

Reduce the Cost of Insuring Your Teen Driver

While most parents joyfully watch their children mature, they also dread the day that their teens start driving. Teen drivers cause the majority of accidents on roadways, which means that insurance companies charge more to cover them. On average, expect to see between a 79 and 100 percent increase in insurance premiums when you add on a teen. While parents should expect premium increases when adding teens to their policy, there are ways to reduce the cost.