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The quarterback is the hero of every football game; the one player whose split-second decisions can make or break each play. But every quarterback, no matter how skilled, needs a powerful left tackle to protect him from getting blindsided. The stronger the left tackle — and, equally important, the stronger the relationship between the QB and the left tackle — the more confident the quarterback can be that his plays will succeed.

At Spickelmier Insurance Agency, we are proud to be the left tackle for the customers we serve. Our job is to take the hits that you can’t afford to. Your job is to move forward, confident that we’re here to cover your blindside. We’ll handle the surprises and the unknown – ensuring that the things you value the most are protected.

Independence. Expertise. Value.

Insurance is a complex product. And let’s be honest; this is largely because having a confusing product can be beneficial to insurance companies. They profit when you do not properly use your policy, and creating policies that are difficult to understand makes it harder for consumers to get the most out of them. On the other hand, not having insurance is literally gambling on getting blindsided and losing everything – and that is never the right play.

This is why it’s so valuable to have an independent insurance agent on your side. At Spickelmier, we are not beholden to any one insurance company. In other words, we do not profit from your confusion, quite the contrary; it’s our job to find the policies that will help you the most.


Playing the Field.

Spickelmier Insurance Agency works with several of the top insurers both local and national. We know what’s out there; and we can help make sure you find the right policies to fit your needs. We specialize in:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp
  • E&O Insurance
  • Event Insurance

With an unwavering commitment to your situation and your success, we will help you find the insurer and the policies that meet your budget, assuage your fears, and cover your blindside. Whatever your circumstances, you can plan and execute your plays with confidence knowing that Spickelmier has your back.

Many in the Jacksonville & St. Augustine area have purchased homes or vacation condos and responsibly insured them, only to have their premiums rise over and over again with almost no recourse. At times like these, it is highly beneficial to work with a local, experienced and independent agent who knows the market. At Spickelmier, we can help you keep (or improve) your current coverage levels while cutting your costs by up to 20% or more. You may believe you cannot do better than the insurance you have now, but you never know unless you shop around. Don’t let complacency or fear of change keep you from knocking on our door; let us help you save money and afford you real peace of mind!

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